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Wear your favorite campaign ad. Show your support for primary care and family medicine.

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Help Us Make Health Primary

Help spread the word about the value of primary care in improving America’s health and health care system.

You can help improve our health care system by spreading the word about the importance of primary care.

Help strengthen the primary care foundation in America. Use the campaign tools to spread the word among your patients and in your community and social networks.

You are driving the future of health in America. Help strengthen primary care and improve health for all Americans.

Share your stories about how primary care innovation and transformation is helping keep employees and beneficiaries healthy.

Spread the word about primary care innovation in your community and state. Arm your members with resources to champion primary care.

Be a Champion For Primary Care: Ten Things You Can Do

  1. Join the campaign by signing up for regular updates.
  2. Follow the campaign on Twitter and Like us on Facebook. Retweet and Share campaign communications. Promote the campaign on social media: @healthisprimary, #MakeHealthPrimary, #patientsareavirtue.
  3. Download our 2017 desktop calendar for weekly and monthly reminders about how you can be a champion for primary care.
  4. Wear your favorite campaign ad and spread the word about the value of primary care.
  5. Put your logo on campaign ads/posters for display or as handouts.
  6. Share your story with the campaign.
  7. Contact newspapers, TV and radio stations in your community and request that they run Health is Primary public service announcements (PSAs). Find the link to various PSA formats here.
  8. Print campaign posters. There are two versions—one with Health is Primary logo only and a customizable version that allows you to add your name or logo.
  9. Share the campaign video and infographics online.
  10. Sign up to be part of coordinated Health is Primary activities during Primary Care Week. Email us at to be notified about plans and tools to #MakeHealthPrimary during the Primary Care Week in October.

November Focus: Diabetes

November Toolkit. Download these resources to join us to raise awareness about the value of primary care.

December Focus: Prevention and Wellness

December Toolkit. Download these resources to raise awareness about the value of primary care.

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Share Your Story

Showing true primary care in action is part of how we can bring this transformation to scale in America. We want to give everyone access to the benefits of primary care and deliver on the triple aim of better care, better health and lower costs.

Help us tell the story of primary care innovation and transformation.

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